All Aboard, Bon Jovi Is Hosting A 'Runaway To Paradise' Cruise

It's your life, it's now or never -- why not book a ticket to the Jon Bon Jovi cruise experience?

The rocker will be heading out on the high seas with 2,200 fans on a cruise that will set sail from Miami and float around the Bahamas for four nights.

The Runaway To Paradise cruise will include live performances from Bon Jovi as well as an acoustic Q & A set where you can ask Jon absolutely anything you've ever dreamed of because "nothing is off limits", according to the cruise's website.

(Runaway To Paradise)

There's also a full lineup of rock music, including a Bon Jovi cover band called Slippery When Wet -- so you can continue livin' on a prayer well after the OG band heads off stage.

Slippery When Wet's credentials include having a front man who looks so much like Bon Jovi himself that Dave Chapelle once mistakenly invited him backstage at a comedy show.

Just look at that resemblance!

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The Runaway To Paradise cruise also includes wine tasting (from Bon Jovi's own vino brand), live band karaoke, an exhibition of classic Bon Jovi outfits and a dedicated denim pop up store, in case you didn't pack '80s appropriate attire for the trip.

"Get your shorts, get your flip-flops, get some suntan lotion," says JBJ in the promo video. "Runaway is totally immersive and we want you to get your sailor suits on," he added.

Which, honestly, sounds like a very confusing dress code.

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Packages for the nautical tour range from about $1,050 all the way up to $7,300 -- depending on how fancy you'd like your cabin or suite to be.

And if the words "immersive live music experience", and "Bahamas" have set off some Fyre alarms for you -- please be warned that all deposits and payments are non-refundable and Mr Bon Jovi recommends securing some travel insurance before you book.

Tickets have nearly sold out for the Bahamas cruise -- but there's also time to save up for the European Bon Jovi cruise in August, which will sail from Barcelona to Majorca.

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