The Strange Deleted Musical Number From 'Vice' Just Got Released

If you watched 'Vice' but felt it was lacking a showstopping musical number, you're in luck.

Because an all-singing, all-dancing scene that was left on the cutting room floor has now been revealed, ahead of the film's release on DVD.

It doesn't make complete sense that a film about the life of former vice president Dick Cheney would *need* a musical interlude, but there was a point in time that director Adam McKay was adamant it was going to be the piece de resistance of the whole movie.

He even brought in the big guns with composer Nicholas Britell (Moonlight) penning the song, the legendary Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard on vocals, and Hamilton choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler working on dance moves.

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“It’s breathtaking. It’s incredible. And it just didn’t work,” McKay told Variety back in December 2018.

And, after watching the deleted scene that explains the inner workings of Washington through the medium of song, with a cast of dancing government employees,  we've got to agree that, yeah, it was best left behind.

“So you want to climb that ladder, where power’s served upon a patter?” Howard sings in the lunchroom scene that features Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carrell) explaining bureaucracy to Cheney (Christian Bale).

And although Howard absolutely nails the vocals and the extras probably practiced rehearsing the dance moves a few times, fans are expressing relief on Twitter that it didn't make the final edit.   

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McKay added in the Variety interview last year that he tried "15 different versions" of the scene, in an effort to leave it in.

"The only reason it doesn’t pain me at this moment is because I know we tried everything we could do. You’re in the editing room and you’re like, ‘This is amazing. This is going to work.’ And you just forget the movie tells you what it wants.”

You can watch the whole glorious mess below.

Main Image: Fox Home Ent/YouTube.