Andy Samberg And Sandra Oh Have Dropped Some Golden Globes Hints

Co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg have opened up about hosting next week's Golden Globes.

The Killing Eve and Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars have interviewed each other ahead of the "crazy-pants" event for The Hollywood Reporter -- and revealed the very sweet reason they both agreed to the thankless gig.

"I said yes 'cause you were going to do it," Samberg told Oh.

"I said yes because you were going to do it!" she replied. "Honestly, I said yes even though it was so terrifying to me, really terrifying. I just could not let this opportunity pass me by, the life experience of being this scared of something," she added.

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The hosts have dropped a few tantalising clues about the ceremony -- including what Samberg will do if Oh is robbed again and doesn't pick up the Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama.

"I'm obsessed with Killing Eve," Samberg explained. "I hope you win. I'm going to make you a crappy little tinfoil fake Globe, just in case you don't win, and I'm going to bring it out and give it to you and be like, "You're always a winner to me."

The pair also joked about a "robot musical number", potential nudity and wanting to strike the right balance between having fun on stage and acknowledging the state of American politics at the moment.

"Not to ignore anything, but we spend so much time every day wallowing in a lot of things that are happening in our world that are really depressing, and with good reason -- that stuff needs to be paid attention to -- but there's also power to being positive and celebratory in the tougher times as well," said Samberg.

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Oh agreed, saying there's nothing "shallow" about having fun and being "honestly celebratory".

"Just the fact that I'm fucking up there is crazy-pants in a great way. And I'm not interested in [talking about Trump] at all," she said.

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"What I'm interested in is pointing to actual real change," said Oh, pointing out how important films like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians were for onscreen representation in 2018.

"Just speaking for my own community, people cried a lot in [Crazy Rich Asians], and it's not only because it's a great story and a classic romantic comedy -- it is because seeing yourself reflected onscreen is really emotional when you don't even know that you're carrying so much grief of never being seen," said Oh.

The actors will host the Globes next week -- with help from guest presenters Justin Hartley, Sterling K Brown and Lupita Nyong'o -- on January 6 (Jan 7 Australian time).

Main Image: Getty Images.