Meet The Hollywood Animals That Deserve All The Acting Awards

It doesn't seem fair that there's not a single animal acting category at the Oscars, Emmys, or Golden Globes award ceremonies.

So, we thought we'd pay tribute to some of the hardworking pups, kitties, birds and reptiles that have gone without recognition of their talent -- and honestly, sometimes, pulled off a better performance than their human colleagues.

Award for 2018's Best Newcomer: Olivia the West Highland Terrier
(20th Century Fox)

Olivia's agent has been working overtime this year -- the terrier has nabbed roles in two films and one TV show (Insatiable). She acted alongside Jason Bateman in Game Night, proving to be an absolute pro in a scene where her character is covered in red dye. 

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This could be how she got her most recent role in the Steve McQueen directed Widows alongside Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Michelle Rodriguez.

Olivia is described by her agency -- Animal Casting Atlanta -- as "a walking stuffed animal" as well as "precious and exuberant". A CV we should all be aiming for, tbh.

Best Red Carpet Appearance: The Cat From The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Sadly, we don't know the name of the feline -- just listed as 'Cat' on Getty Images -- who acts in Netflix's The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. 

But we do know that the role of Sabrina's familiar was nearly changed into a dog because of lead actress Kiernan Shipka's allergies.


So it's very lucky indeed that Shipka popped a few allergy tabs and got on with the job because otherwise, we would never have witnessed that stunning red carpet debut from 'Cat'.

Award For Nailing The Toughest Audition Process: Little Man From I, Tonya

Alison Janney can't remember the name of the bird who sat atop her shoulder during the Oscar-winning performance in I, Tonya -- but she thinks it might be 'Little Man', so let's go with that.

Little Man made it through the lengthy audition process to beat out two other birds who just didn't vibe with Janney as she ran lines as Tonya Harding's mother, LaVona.

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The feathered thespian is also responsible for Janney making a key creative decision about her character's health.

"In the last minute I decided to give LaVona emphysema, because the bird lady didn’t want us to smoke around the bird.," Janney told the New York Times. "I was, like, “Oh, thank God I don’t have to smoke in this scene.”

Award For Best Ensemble Cast: The Dogs From Seven Psychopaths
Image result for seven psychopaths christopher walken dog
(CBS Films)

It's a film about dog-napping so -- of course -- the Seven Psychopaths producers had to cast some talented canines to act alongside Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell and Tom Waits.

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One of the lead dogs was rescue pup Bonny, who has also appeared in an episode of Key & Peele. Walken has noted that Hollywood animals are "supposed to be difficult".

"This dog was just a saint. He was in just about every scene," he said of Bonny. 

The Seven Psychopaths cast also included a scrappy pup called Lola, who Bonny regularly posts about on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Cute.

Award For Most Iconic MTV VMAs Performance: Banana The Snake

MTV tracked down 'Banana' the snake a couple of years ago to see what she's been up to since her legendary performance with icon Britney Spears in 2001. But according to her owner, her name isn't even Banana --we've all been living a lie!

Michael Hano told MTV that his albino Burmese python -- which now weighs nearly 50kg -- didn't actually have a name, which seems sad.

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"Sometimes, when I come to these jobs, if people ask me if the animal has a name, usually it doesn't have a name, so they just make up a name," he explained.

We're going to pretend that interview never happened and keep paying our respects to Banana, for her contributions to music, art, and culture.

The Award For Seamlessly Replacing A Beloved TV Character: Beatrice The French Bulldog From Modern Family

It happened to Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Darrin in Bewitched and poor old Ann Veal in Arrested Development. But you mightn't have been aware that the French Bulldog in Modern Family was replaced a few years ago, right under our noses.

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The Pritchett's dog Stella was originally played by a Frenchie called Brigitte until her management -- Good Dog Animals -- unceremoniously dumped her for a lookalike called Beatrice.

But none of that messy drama was Beatrice's fault and she's proven her acting chops on Modern Family for the last six seasons. The bulldog has also acted in Workaholics and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and can apparently skateboard.

Main Image: Getty/Twitter