Stan Twitter's 'Don't Say It' Memes Will Bring You Joy In A World Of Darkness

In 2018, lots of things are bad, but you know what's not bad? Memes.

That's right folks, memes are always good, and when things are bad, it's nice to laugh! We love laughing.

Anyway, you may have seen the 'Don't Say It' meme spreading like wildfire across your social media in recent weeks.

Pop culture super fans -- aka stans -- have taken the meme and applied it to their favourite singers, movies and pop culture moments. They're very good, so we collected a few of our favourites for you to enjoy while you hide in the bathroom to avoid doing work. Don't say we never did anything for you!

On Lady Gaga's interview talking points:

And on Gaga's fans:

On iconic moments in film and television history:

On Ariana Grande's upcoming Thanksgiving:

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And these other Ariana-related memes:

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On Taylor Swift, who may or may not travel via suitcase:

On Reputation tour vibes:

And on Taylor's catchphrases:

On Britney during interviews:

And on "Toxic" being for locals:

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On mispronunciations:

On music trivia:

On the long wait for new Rihanna music:

And on stans seeing these memes:

Feature image: Getty Images / Twitter