This Ariana Grande Impression Is So Dead On, I'm Screaming

Chances are, if you've been following Ariana Grande's career, you've probably seen her bust out an impression or two over the years.

Maybe you've seen her flawless Celine Dion impression, her perfect Jennifer Lawrence, or even her decent Britney Spears impression.

What you probably haven't seen, though, is this pitch perfect impression of Ariana Grande herself. That is, until now!

Comedian Julia Finkelstein posted a YouTube video called "Sweetener sessions with Ariana Grande", and huns, it's iconic.

Flipping a signature-Ari high ponytail around, with the cat eyeliner, choker, and over-sized sweatshirt to complete the look, Julia absolutely nails Ari's speaking voice as she discusses "her album" and offers interview soundbites like "it's actually really crazy that I'm even getting married".

"Pete? Yeah, he's dope. He's dope," she says, playing with her long acrylics.

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She also nails Ari's throaty laugh, her declaration that she "actually [doesn't] give a f***", or that her "heart really lies in Broadway", and of course, her gorgeous, Ari-specific mumblecore way of singing.

Of course, by now, everyone's probably aware that love has died and that Ari and Pete Davidson are no longer an item, but readers, Julia has a video for that, too.

Julia-as-Ari declares that "this whole thing was planned", before saying "I'm just kidding, I really loved him".

She also quotes some of Ariana's recent tweets, like her emotional plea to just "have one day" without drama, and the "j f**king k" from from a few weeks ago.

The video goes on to state that Ari is feeling "empowered as f**k" and that she may actually get back together with Pete -- just like the rumour mill has been reporting.

Basically, you need to indulge yourself for a few minutes and watch these videos, okay? Okay.


Feature image: YouTube