'It Was Difficult, It Hurt': Nick Cummins Opens Up On Bachelor Heartache

In an exclusive interview with Lisa Wilkinson, The Bachelor Nick Cummins defends his finale decision, and the heartbroken girls he left behind speak out.

The nation was shocked when Cummins failed to choose a partner in the season finale of The Bachelor, but the former Wallaby defended his decision.

"If I can't stand here right now, and say I'm picking her, and I love her -- if I can't say that, why would I start something with someone," he said.

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But it wasn't an easy choice for Cummins, who admitted he struggled to break Brittany and Sophie's hearts in the finale.

"I hate seeing a girl hurt like that," he said.

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But for the two girls in the finale, it still shocks them Nick couldn't find a single girl out of 28 that he could find a connection with the try a relationship in the "real world" with.

"I hope he's a little embarrassed," Sophie said.

Not being chosen by Cummins will take time for Brittany to get over, because she thought he was "it".

"I just felt that everything that had happened to me had happened for a reason, and it was leading up to this moment," she told Wilkinson.

Brooke, the girl everyone thought he would choose in the end before she walked out of the final three, still gets emotional when she thinks of Cummins, but said she doesn't love him any more.

"I definitely have a soft spot for Nick, but I know the relationship ended when it ended," she said through tears.

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The relationship Cass and Cummins had before the show has been the subject of much debate, and even she can't "put a name on it".

"It was on and off, but when we were together, the moments that we had were special, and I always found him someone special," she said.

But Cass said she still feels like a "joke", and it hasn't been easy to move on.

"The whole thing has just been really hard, and then to find out he isn't with anyone as well," she said.

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