Holy Mushroom Kingdom Batman! Bruce Wayne Goes Full Frontal In New Comic

That's one gadget he should have kept in his utility belt.

Good morning dear reader and everyone who will nominate this story for many, many journalistic awards. It's an honour just to be nominated, but let's get to what we're really here for.

Batman got his dick out in a new comic and, no, we don't mean Dick Grayson either.

Yep, in the new Batman: Damned #1 -- part of DC's Black Label of comics for mature readers -- Batman goes full frontal, giving readers a glimpse of one gadget usually stashed in his utility belt.

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Fans were divided on the issue, did they love the Bat-peen or was it unnecessary? Warning: a cartoon penis is vaguely apparent in some tweets to follow in case you're offended by Bruce's wang.

Batman: Damned #1 follows the caped crusader as he struggles with amnesia after the death of the Joker, joining forces with John Constantine to get to the bottom of who murdered the Clown Prince of Crime.

The story is one part of three, meaning there are still chances we'll see other famous faces of Gotham de-robe and show us what they're packing.

Unfortunately for anyone who was hoping to download the digital copy of the book, ScreenRant has reported that users are noticing Batman's deadliest weapon is nowhere to be found. So you'll have to wait for the physical copy.

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