Em Rusciano: 'Why Am I Even Getting Up Today?'

The soon to be former 2DayFM radio host says she's just a bit too big for breakfast radio.

“I’m like a peacock in a cage”, said Em Rusciano after she announced that she would never return to breakfast radio.

Rusciano spoke to Studio 10  this morning, spilling the beans about her future plans after hanging up her headphones.

Claiming that her heart was no longer in the job, the pregnant singer and comedian said she was looking forward to stepping out of her radio bubble.

“I will not miss every single thing being scrutinised,” she said.

Rusciano told Studio 10 that she is “a bit much for a small space”.

In an interview with Triple M host Wil Anderson, earlier in May, Rusciano revealed her raw thoughts about the restrictions within the radio industry.

She had said she was forced to contain herself “to not get too passionate or fired up about something, not swear, not roll my eyes at every single f**king thing that gets said."

Despite her issues with the limitations of the radio industry, Rusciano did reveal that she does love radio and her team.

“I respect my team so much”, she says as she recognises the efforts of her relatively new co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Grant Denyer.

Rusciano’s sudden departure is another hit for the 2DayFM breakfast show, as the station is still trying to recoup itself since the departure of Kyle and Jackie-O in 2013.

When speaking about the low ratings of the show, Rusciano admits that her self-esteem took a hit.

She says that she would find herself asking, “why am I even getting up today if no one is listening?”

Rusciano plans on writing some female erotica and also taking care of her two (soon to be three) kids, three dogs and husband.

Rusciano’s final broadcast will be this Friday.