Pete Davidson's First Tattoo Was A Tribute To Ariana Grande's Ex Big Sean

Well that's awkward.

He’s got a bunch of ink dedicated to fiancée Ariana Grande, but it turns out Pete Davidson's very first tattoo was, in fact, a tribute to Ari’s ex, Big Sean!

“I was 17 when I got my first tattoo. It was a tattoo I got with my buddy Ricky,” the SNL star told Variety. “It says ‘Swerve Life’ because the Big Sean song that had that --  swerve in it, and we were like ‘That’s gonna last forever,” Davidson explained, in reference to Big Sean’s song “Mercy.”

“So, that’s on our legs,” he added.

Ariana and Big Sean dated back in 2015 for about eight months before reportedly parting amicably (luckily, or that could have been REAL awkward).

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Big Sean and Ari dated in 2015. Image: Getty

While the dedication to the rapper may have kicked off his longterm love of ink, Davidson revealed his favourite out of his entire collection is the black bunny mask on his upper neck, which was inspired by Grande’s Dangerous Woman album cover.

“It’s super sick,” Davidson told Variety about the tattoo.

Pete also has 'AG' (for Ariana Grande, duh) tattooed on his thumb, as well as Grande's favorite phrase, "Honest to God, knock me out," shortened to "H2GKMO" -- which Ari also has tattooed on her hand.

Image: Getty.