Dancers Tackle Stage Crasher At Beyoncé And Jay-Z Show

The pair's backup dancers rushed to protect Bey and Jay from the stage crasher.

A man has jumped on stage during the Atlanta leg of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour over the weekend.

Videos have emerged on Twitter of 26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell bolting past security, heading straight for the iconic couple as they exited the stage.

Dramatic footage of the incident has been uploaded by concertgoers and shows Bey and Jay’s backup dancers heroically rushing towards the man and then tackling him to the floor.

TMZ reports that Maxwell was detained by police but not taken to jail. Instead he received a citation for 'disorderly conduct'.

The website also notes that Maxwell did make contact with Jay-Z, although the rapper was unharmed.

The Beyhive has praised the quick thinking of On The Run II dancers for stepping in as unofficial security guards.

Some fans have pointed out that the dancers definitely deserve some kind of bonus for their efforts.

However, many fans are concerned that the stage invader shouldn’t have made it past the actual security guards and have suggested that protection for the Carters be beefed up for their remaining tour dates.

Fans were -- of course -- worried about the wellbeing of Bey and Jay, but some were even more concerned that it might mean the couple’s second show in Atlanta might be cancelled.

Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noel Schure assured fans in ATL that the show will go on, writing that the couple were "looking forward to the show".

Here's hoping tonight's show in Atlanta goes much more smoothly for Mr and Mrs Carter.

Feature Image: Getty Images.