Australian Survivor 2018: Blocks And Blindsides

Spoilers inside!

It’s Monday, which means Survivor is BACK with a bang!!!

After last week’s ep saw the Contenders back at Tribal Council and saying goodbye to Paige, we now check back in with our contestants on day 25 on the island -- the halfway point!!

Over at the Champions camp, everyone’s one big, fit, happy fam. They’re exercising, cooking, and generally all getting along swimmingly. Speaking of swimming, our resident gold medallist swimmer Shane Gould is giving swimming lessons to Mat, cute!

We also get a shot of Brian wearing his undies band on his head, because what would an ep of Survivor be without Brian either walking around in his undies, heating his undies in the campfire, or just doing something weird with his undies in general?

Over in the Contenders area, things are a lot more devo. With just six left, the tribe has split themselves into three pairs of two, which is sure to prove to be a major predicament if they’re forced to face Tribal again.

But Jonathan has something else in store for our teams… That’s right, we’re about to have a MAJOR SHAKEUP!!!

After telling both teams to “drop their buffs”, they’re each given either a blue or red bandana and will be forced to merge into a reshuffled tribe.

Tegan is PISSED about having to switch over to the Champs from her home with the OG Contenders.


So let’s take a look at our new and improved teams, shall we?

Innnnnnn the red corner, we have Sharn, Benji, Fenella, Robbie, Heath, Monika, and Lydia.

The new and improved Contenders tribe.

And in our blue team (Champions), we’ve now got Steve, Shonee, Tegan, Jackie, Shane, Mat, Samuel, and Brian.

We are the Champions, my friends.

Lydia is OFF IT that she’s had to tribe swap, and instantly rips on the Contender’s shelter, saying she’s arrived at “this terrible shelter that’s wet and disgusting -- I was screaming inside.”

[Screams internally]

Meanwhile, Robbie immediately gets googly-eyed for mega hottie Mon, saying she’s “great on the eyes” -- and look, we don’t blame him.

Robbie's a fan of his new teammate.

After a grand total of five mins with her new team, Lydia has had a gutful of their crappy shelter and enlists the boys’ help in destroying it in order to rebuild something that’s actually habitable for human life.

Back over in the Champs camp, Shonee is pissed off about having to change teams and only knowing one other person. She even drops a self-deprecating, “At least for once in my life I’m a Champion,” and u ok sis???

Being a stand-up bloke, Mat takes in Tegan immediately and shows her the ropes. Bless.

But then, on the other hand, there’s Jackie -- our queen of white lies -- who scares the sh*t out of Tegan by telling her that they’re planning to throw Immunity Idols to get rid of her and Shonee straight away. What a welcome! Love it.

"Something something poker."

Back at Contenders camp, Lydia is forging an alliance with Robbie, telling us she doesn’t want the stragglers to make it out on top of the ones that have been doing all the heavy lifting within the tribe. She asks if he’s willing to sacrifice Fenella, and without missing a beat he’s like “YEP.”

It’s time for an Immunity Challenge! And with our teams chopped and changed -- it’s bound to get interesting.

The challenge involves pairs holding blocks between their feet. It looks like something you’d be forced to do with a personal trainer and something that frankly, I’d be terrible be terrible at given my piss poor core strength.

Samuel is trying to psych out Benji the entire time by whispering “Beeeeennnjiiiii….” And making kissing sounds. It’s iconic tbh. He throws in an “I dreamt of you last night… You lost,” and I spit Coke Zero all over my keyboard lolling.

Brian comments that Lydia’s watching Robbie’s abs, and girl, same.

Lydia and Samuel are the first to call it quits, followed by Fenella and Mon.

It’s ten minutes in, and honestly, we can hear their abs screaming from here. Surprisingly, Commando and Mat are the next to go, and everyone left is struggling hard.

Benji and Sharn are next to drop their block, and after FORTY-FIVE FREAKING MINUTES we still have two pairs left in the challenge. All I can think is how TF are any of these guys going to be able to walk tomorrow???

It soon proves to be too much for Shane and Shonee, which leaves Robbie and Lydia -- Contenders win! And therefore the Champs will be heading to Tribal. Props to them all though, because even just watching them was stressful AF.

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Robbie slyly mentions to Mat that he “spoke to the girls, I’m on board,” and ooooo we love a low-key strategic game plan!!!

After the challenge,  and back at the rainy and generally miserable campsite, Jackie’s being her usual sneaky self. This time, she’s trying to convince Shonee in order to save herself she needs to vote out her only mate Tegan.

It backfires for her though, ‘cos Tegan blatantly informs Mat all about Jackie’s lies to her and Shonee -- and he’s NOT happy about it. In fact, he’s recruiting the rest of the tribe to vote for either Jackie or Brian, since he reckons they can’t be trusted.

It’s time for Tribal Council, and things are tense.

Brian says he would “flip a coin” to decide whether he’d kick out Tegan or Shonee, and Tegan tells Jonathan that that “makes her feel sh*t.” Poor Teags.

BUT in a twist -- it's Rubik's cube champ poker player Jackie who is blindsided and sent packing!!

Australian Survivor 2018: Can We Talk About Rubik's Cubes
Forever in our hearts.

Bye Jackie, we'll miss you and your Rubik's cube accessories.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.