People Are Obsessed With This Comedian's Incredible Lip Syncs

Move over Britney, there's a new lip-syncer in town!

Bowen Yang, comedian and co-host of the Las Culturistas podcast, has been recreating his favourite scenes from iconic films and TV shows, and huns, it's a real mood.

Lip-syncing in perfect time to the audio, Yang perfectly captures the mood of great moments like Tyra Banks' iconic Top Model "WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!" meltdown:

On the topic of legendary meltdowns, he also recreated Bling Ring legend Alexis Neiers' Pretty Wild phone call to Vanity Fair reporter Nancy Jo Sales, which is possibly the greatest scene of reality television in history:

But his work isn't all about meltdowns.

Yang also took on Julia Roberts' Oscar-winning performance in Erin Brockovich, and tbh, he deserves an Oscar just for this clip??

And speaking of bad bitches, is there anything more legendary than playing Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada? I think TF not:

Speaking to Vulture, Yang spoke about his ~creative process~ for recreating these scenes so flawlessly:

“I usually do two ‘sessions,’ each taking a couple hours or so. The best way to practice is actually in the filming itself, just in terms of watching it back immediately in this pseudo way of self-directing,” he said. “The first session is just about portioning off the whole ‘piece’ into manageable sections and running those, and then the second is about smoothing it all out, figuring out the best ways to make it look like you’re pushing air through your lips!”

His videos are getting the attention of celebs, too.

Legends only.

Check out Bowen's Twitter for more great impressions here.

Feature image: E! / Twitter