Ariana Grande Reveals When She'll Marry Pete Davidson


Ariana Grande has finally spilled the tea on her wedding plans with fiancé Pete Davidson.

Speaking to Good Morning America, the "God Is A Woman" songstress revealed that the loved-up pair are planning to wed “next year sometime.”

"We’re going to take our time to plan it," she said. "We’ve been like planning and my friends and I, my mum and everybody have been like, brainstorming and sharing ideas and stuff, and it’s really fun."

"I work so much," Ari continued. "I’ve never spent this much time or energy planning something personal that feeds my soul so much and my heart."

Choking up a little, Ari added: "I’m going to cry. I’m so excited. It’s sick. It’s really fun."

The pint-sized pop princess also divulged on how she knew the SNL star was “the one.”

"I mean, it’s just like a feeling, you know?" she said, adding, "That’s so cheesy. People are always like, ‘When you know, you know,’ and you’re like ‘Oh, yeah, whatever, okay, yeah, okay."

"You just feel it, you know?" she shared. "He just ticks every box and just gets better everyday, and I’m very grateful for him."

"Life is beautiful," she added.

Ari also spoke out about the pair’s seemingly never-ending PDAs on social media, adding that she “know they’re annoying.”

"We’re so annoying, huh?" she mused, laughing. "It must be the worst [to watch]. It must be the worst!"

Previously, fans had speculated that the adorable couple would walk down the aisle on August 4th after the singer was seen wearing Davidson’s beloved pendant features his dad’s FDNY badge number, 8418 which belonged to his late father who died in the September 11 attacks.

Both Davidson and Grande also have a tattoo of the significant number -- with Ari’s located on her foot and Pete’s on his arm.

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We can't wait for what we're sure will be a Grande affair!

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