The Bachelor 2018: Romy's Kiss Was A Swing And A Miss

The thirst is real, friends.

In what made for an excruciating moment for everyone one of us watching at home, in tonight’s ep of The Bachelor we witnessed the first force-pash of the season!!!

Much like Elora with Matty J and many more before her, Romy went in for the kiss (several times) during a single date with Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins in what can only be described as 'overconfident persistence’ from her end.

Attempt number one.

Not only did she lunge in for the smooch during her single date only to be rebuffed (so she instead starts sucking his neck ???) -- she keeps trying to lock lips with our Bachie during the cocktail party LITERALLY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

Look, no one ever likes to be shut down when going in for the kill -- but there’s a point where you really need to read the room for these situations, and Romy clearly did not.

Help. Me.

We totally feel for poor Honey Badger, who rejected her untiring advances in the most gentlemanly way possible, despite being clearly uncomfortable being forced into that nightmare of a kiss sitch. It's lucky he's a pro at sidestepping on the footy field, 'cos those skills definitely came in handy tonight.

Poor Badgelor.

And while we were slowly dying inside watching the awkwardness unfold, Twitter users, of course, were absolutely LIVING for the salacious moments....

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