Australian Survivor 2018: Shocks And Slingshots

Spoilers inside, obvs.

It’s Monday so that means a brand new ep of Survivor: Champions v Contenders, woo!

After last week’s emotional elimination that saw us bid farewell to fan fave Moana, it’s now back to business for our remaining contestants.

This week, we kick off with Brian walking around in his undies… again.

The Champions are taking to island life like a fish to water (much like the one Monika is seen gutting before frying up for the tribe).

Meanwhile, the Contenders have spotted a wild pig rustling around the campsite, prompting talk of bacon among the hungry campers.

The Bro Alliance are already talking about who to take down at the tribal council, and Benji decides the next to go should be Tegan to break up her alliance with Heath -- but they’ll need to win over the girls to secure the majority vote.

Back to the Champs, and Anita says what the entire of Australia is thinking after noting that our villain Zach had been quiet lately, adding, “but whenever he does open his mouth he says something offensive.”

Heath finds an idol hint by the camp flag and being the legend she is, Tegan distracts the rest of the crew so he can search for the hidden idol on the sly. There’s only one problem -- Zach won’t GTFO. 

For a hot second it looks as if he may find the idol before Health, but lucky for us all, Heath nabs it before he can find it.

It’s time for the immunity challenge, and today it looks like they’ll be competing in some sort of water-soccer game with the added fun of a slingshot.

The best part of the challenge is when the Contenders dismiss Sam’s ability to score a goal, saying “he’s got nothing.” They were all forced to eat their words, however, ‘cos immediately afterward he NAILS the slingshot goal –--much to the pleasant shock of his teammates.

Sam's expert knowledge of physics is coming in handy.

Surprisingly, Jackie manages to redeem herself by taking out the winning goal for the Champions after last week’s shocker where she got stuck on a wall.

"Slingshots are a lot like poker."

With the Champs coming out on top, The Contenders will be sent to tribal council, where Benji hopes to “dethrone the queen and rule the kingdom.”

Back at Contender's camp, Zach tells his team that he's "so proud of them" and sorry but who are you and what have you done with the real Zach????


The girls are skeptical over Zach's praise and still want him gone, but Benji still wants them to take out Tegan so he blatantly lies and says he heard she's voting for Anita.

Zach tells Jonathon that there were been a few times where “he probably should have kept his mouth shut” and it’s probably the first time he’s been right. But then he mentions he’s “always respectful” and we know that’s a lie.

Jonathan then drops a major TWIST for tonight’s tribal -- rather than voting to eliminate, they’ll be voting for someone to go to EXILE ISLAND.

The question is, how will this affect the tribe's vote??

Oh, would you look at that! Zach's made another misogynistic comment, this time saying "arrogance and ignorance are two very unattractive qualities in a woman" and have you looked in the mirror hun?

Also, Anita's OTT reaction to seeing someone voted for her is actually iconic.


We see a glimmer of hope when someone votes for Zach, but in the end, Benji's plan comes to fruition, with Tegan being sent to Exile Island. This means that whoever is exiled next will face off against Teags in a battle to remain in the game.

Bring it on!

Check out the video above, and tune into Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders 7:30 on Ten and WIN networks. Missed an episode? Catch up on Tenplay!