Céline Dion and John Farnham's Meeting Backstage Is The Most Wholesome Encounter Ever

It turns out Lisa Wilkinson was responsible for the most ambitious cross over event in history.

It was the most iconic duet of all time when John Farnham joined Céline Dion for a surprise performance of "You're The Voice" at her final show in Melbourne this week.

And it turns out The Project co-host Lisa Wilkinson was responsible for the two legends sharing the stage together for the first time and wowing crowds with the powerful ballad.

In an interview with Lisa earlier this year the Canadian superstar revealed our very own Farnsy was one of her all time favourite artists.

"What an entertainer, what a good looking guy, what a voice what a song," Dion said -- before Lisa encouraged her to give the Aussie a call and invite him on stage to perform with her when she came down under.

"You're invited... that would be amazing!" the songstress exclaimed.

And join her he did.

Fans went wild on Wednesday when the Aussie appeared onstage for the surprise performance, with Dion telling the crowds it was a "dream come true."

Celine Dion And John Farnham Perform "You're The Voice"

The pair also invited The Sunday Project behind the scenes of their meeting and an exclusive look at their first hilarious rehearsal... you know, because apparently even legends need to 'rehearse.'

"I just don't know what to say," Farnsy said after a warm embrace.

"To be told that I'm a good singer by one of the best singers in the world... I'm really flattered. Thank you," he continues.

"You're not a good singer... you're the voice," Dion replies, solidifying this as the most wholesome exchange in the history of the universe, probably ever.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the privilege, a unique chance to sing with you. It's going to be a dream come true for me," Dion quips before the pair begin 'rehearsing.'

And yes, you guessed it, even their rehearsal was iconic. There were high kicks, air guitars and of course belting vocals, all before Farnsy shuts down the cameras saying they're not going to give away the whole show before the live event.

Reminiscing on her interview with Lisa in Las Vegas, Céline reveals "you started something pretty amazing... and we are in Australia and I am with John, thank you very very much."

"Thank you Lis," Farnsey adds.

We're going to go watch the wholesome backstage video on repeat until the Stevie Wonder/Nollsie duet becomes an official thing (*crosses fingers and toes*) while Lisa adds 'vocal matchmaker' to her list of achievements.

You can check out the Lisa and Celine interview that started it all here.

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