Céline Dion And John Farnham Sang "You're The Voice" Together & It Was Iconic

Send us a casket cos we're DEAD.

Not content with being your run-of-the-mill global icon, Céline Dion has decided to blow everyone's minds right into the stratosphere by performing a surprise duet of “You’re The Voice” with none other than John Farnham during her final Aussie show.

While Dion had been performing a cover of the 1986 hit throughout her Australian tour, she kicked things up a notch for her final show in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Fans went wild when the 50-year-old brought Farnsey on stage for a duet performance of the iconic power ballad, telling the crowd that performing alongside the Aussie singer was “a dream come true”.

The 69-year-old returned the compliment, saying, it meant a lot to be “liked as a singer by one of the best singers on the planet”.

"The charismatic person that you are, and the energy that you give, it's contagious - you are contagious," Dion added.

Concertgoers were quick to upload snaps of the amazing moment across social media, and it truly is an iconic moment.

Céline herself later posted a pic on the ‘gram alongside the legend, saying:

“I’ve wanted to sing John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice” on my tours for so many years, and it’s been so great to finally do it on this tour,” she wrote.

“But I still can’t believe that I got to perform it with the one-and-only, John Farnham!  I will never forget this, the thrill of a lifetime.  John, thank you for your incredible talent, you’re amazing.  I love you! Thank you, Melbourne!”

After wrapping up her the Aussie performances on Wednesday night, Céline will now be heading over to New Zealand over the weekend to continue her world tour.

Feature Image: Getty