Charlie Sheen On The Project: “If I’m Alive, I’m Still Winning.”

"It's about my children, it's all about my family."

Appearing on tonight’s episode of The Project, Charlie Sheen cut a near-unrecognisable figure compared to the erratic, hard-partying character that very publicly fell from grace back in 2011 after being fired from his hit series, Two And A Half Men.

Speaking to Waleed Aly, Sheen revealed that since his meltdown, he has  distanced himself from toxic behaviour for the sake of his children and family.

“I got tired of waking up and being told what happened and that I don't get a vote because how do you vote on something you can’t remember?” he said.

“As I get further down the road, it's about my children, the relationship I'm in -- my terrific girlfriend Jules -- it's about my family.”

Discussing his HIV diagnosis, which he announced in 2015, Sheen said it was “behind the scenes” issues that led him to publically disclose his illness.

"There was too much stuff going on behind-the-scenes, a lot of extortion going on,” he said, adding, “There was a tremendous weight that I was carrying. I felt that if I just said ‘OK this is it, here is what happened’, I thought it would help myself and lend assistance to others.”

He also touched on his infamous 20/20 interview, saying that at the time, he didn’t realise the repercussions of such an appearance.

“You don't really understand the magnitude of it, I didn't completely feel the gravity of it. It's only hindsight and retrospect that you see it. Like, if I saw something on the Internet, it was like ‘dude, what was that?!’ I don't recommend it!”

When asked about if he still feels as if he’s “winning,” the star reveals that while he felt like he was during that time, he now sees that after losing his job and access to his children, he certainly wasn’t “winning.”

“It didn't really make any sense when you break it down because I had been fired from the show which was going pretty good. I lost the ability the hang out with my kids, they kept all my money and somehow in my mind, that came out as winning. But yes, I look back on that and it's not feeling like it was winning now.”

He adds a poignant, “If I’m alive, I’m still winning.”

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