MasterChef's Jess Mistook Russell Coight For Russell Crowe

The aspiring chef revealed her awkward blunder on The Project.

Jess Liemantara’s MasterChef dream may have literally gone up in flames during Sunday night’s episode, but the 19-year-old has told The Project she hopes to continue with a career in cooking.

“I definitely want to open up a café with a production kitchen and work on my cookbook which will have sweet and savoury desserts,” she told the hosts on Monday night’s episode, adding that her MasterChef journey “was crazy, but such a great experience.”

With only three of our contestants remaining in the competition and only one able to take home the crown in tomorrow's finale, the panel asked Jess who she believes will be the series winner out of Sashi, Ben and Khanh.

“I like all three of them,” she said, adding, “But [I think] Ben can fight it out!"

Jess will also be starring as tonight's guest quiz master on Have You Been Paying Attention? -- although she reveals she didn't quite know her fellow guest quiz master -- icon and star of All Aussie Adventures, Russell Coight.

"I thought it was Russell Crowe! Close, but not so close," she laughed.

The MasterChef finale will air Tuesday at 7:30pm.

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