Katy Perry Speaks To Carrie Bickmore About THOSE Naked Snaps: "Orlando Is An Exhibitionist"

K-Pez gave us the JUICE.

She’s back for her Witness world tour and in her first TV interview in her latest trip Down Under, Katy Perry sat down with The Project’s Carrie Bickmore to discuss everything from her latest tunes, to lonely tour life, to the goss behind THOSE naked paddleboard snaps with boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

With her Australian leg of the tour coming to a close and the majority of the past twelve months being spent on tour, Carrie questioned if the star ever gets lonely on the road.

"Australia won't let dogs from other countries in, we know that so I do miss my dog, Nugget, I have some pajamas that have her photo on them," she told The Project host.

As for those infamous pap shots of her and a very naked Orlando Bloom paddle boarding in while holidaying Sardinia?

"He's an exhibitionist and an adventure junkie," Katy said about her actor boyfriend, adding that they had no idea they were being snapped that day.

"I thought he was like, 'Stuff it, I'm going to give them a shot,'" Carrie said, with Katy exclaiming, "Do you think we would have done that if we knew?!"

A pregnant Carrie also took her chance to showcase her finest DF-slaying moves for the Swish Swish songstress in a dance routine, but judging by K-Pez's face we're not so sure she'll be keeping her on for the rest of the Witness tour...

Perry made headlines on Monday after she surprised two young fans in a moment they won't soon forget.

Pulling over her van outside Perth Airport, the 33-year-old stopped to greet sisters Isabella and Sophie McMerrin, who had travelled a whopping six hours in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Katy but instead were lucky enough to get a hug from the star as well as a bunch of selfies .

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