We Played The Newlywed Game With Pointless Hosts Mark Humphries and Dr. Andrew Rochford

How much do our Pointless hosts know about each other?

It’s the crazily addictive quiz show that’s already huge in the UK, and tonight the Aussie edition of Pointless will premiere Down Under with our hosts Mark Humphries and Dr. Andrew Rochford -- and it's a game that’ll undoubtedly have the whole fam getting involved!

ICYMI, Pointless sees contestants faced with questions from a wide range of general knowledge topics including sport, music, celebrities, and science. Players must then produce the LEAST obvious answers in order to progress towards the nightly jackpot. Kind of like a reverse Family Feud!

Ahead of the show kicking off its very first episode tonight at 6 pm on TEN, we decided to pit Mark and Andrew against each other just to see how much they REALLY know about one another.

From Mark’s most annoying habit to Andrew’s biggest fear, we put them to the test -- and the results may surprise you!

Check out how well these guys faired in ten daily’s Newlywed Game above.

Catch Pointless weeknights from Monday 23 July at 6.00pm on TEN and tenplay.