Mashd N Kutcher Prank German Fans With Iconic Aussie Ad

Pure genius, really.

Brisbane-based musos Mashd N Kutcher pulled the ultimate Aussie prank during their show in Germany last week when they slyly dropped an iconic Aussie commercial into their set -- much to the confusion of fans at the event.

Playing their remix of Adele’s Hello to 10,000 dancing punters, the pair hyped up the audience in the lead up to the beat drop -- when suddenly a familiar voice came over the track instead.


While group members Matt Minor and Adam Morris had a good old laugh behind the decks, German fans were bewildered by the strange Aussie voice that boomed across the festival, with many looking at each other in confusion over the seemingly strange addition to the set.

Frank Walker -- the Australian icon himself -- joined Thursday night’s episode of The Project to discuss the hilarious moment.

Asked if his distinct voice was for the purpose of the commercial, Walker revealed that he just gets really bloody keen over a great deal.

“I get really excited when our buyers come  back from overseas with these fantastic deals and I just get in the recording booths and the passion just takes over!" he said, adding, "I greet my wife every night like that… Hello sweetheart!

When questioned over whether he’d be down to join the boys of Mashd N Kutcher for a collaboration, he said, “If I could sell some tiles, I’d do anything.”

Onya Frank.

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Feature image: Getty