Has Hit TV Series Wentworth Been Cancelled?

Say it ain’t so!

Fans of hit Aussie drama Wentworth have been left reeling today after whispers began that the series’ seventh season would be its last, with many voicing their outrage over social media.

While there are rumours that the cast were notified about the final season a while back, Sigrid Thornton -- who plays the diabolically crafty Sonia -- appeared on Studio 10 this morning, revealing that even if she did know, she's sworn to secrecy.

Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris later revealed that Thornton had heard nothing about the show's axing until she was in hair and makeup prior to her appearance on this morning’s episode.

However, journos located near the Melbourne set have added fuel to the fire with claims that the famous set is reportedly being dismantled as we speak.

As well as this, it’s been reported that Screen Australia would not receive production incentives after 65 commercial hours -- which calculates to be around what would be the conclusion of the seventh season.

Foxtel is remaining tight-lipped on the news, with reps allegedly telling media outlets:

"Discussions between Foxtel and Fremantle Media regarding future seasons of Wentworth continue. Season 7 of the series will conclude production in Melbourne on Friday July 27.”

It’s a devastating blow for fans and cast of the cult-hit as it only just took out Most Popular Drama Series, Most Outstanding Drama Series and Most Outstanding Actress at the 60th Annual TV Week Logie Awards.

More news as it comes...

Feature image: Foxtel