Former Kardashian Nanny Reveals Kris Jenner "Wasn't Easy To Work For"

Kris won't be happy about this!

The Kardashians' former nanny has spilled some major tea on what it was like working with Hollywood’s most famous fam during the early ‘90s.

Image: Facebook / Pam Behan

Appearing in a sneak peek for next week’s episode of Scandal Made Me Famous, Pam Behan revealed what it was like to work for mumager/matriarch Kris Jenner as a nanny to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian for five years.

"I liked Kris and I respected her for many reasons,” Behan said about the 62 year old. "She was not easy to work for because she was a perfectionist and she expected perfection.”

She also reveals that Jenner’s penchant for perfection often ended up with Behan having her feelings hurt.

Image: Pam Behan / Facebook

“On a daily basis, when she has a very long list and you’re fighting L.A. traffic and taking kids to their events, and maybe possibly not everything on the list gets done," she continued, "there were a few moments where I got an earful.”

“At first, I used to be just crushed when she would speak to me like that,” she said. “But she vents, she speaks what’s on her mind. She wasn’t easy to work for, but I did enjoy my job.”

Image: Facebook / Pam Behan

It's not the first time the former nanny has spoken out on her time working for the Kardashian clan -- she released a book called Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, back in 2012.

With the full ep of Scandal Made Me Famous dropping Saturday, July 21 in the U.S, we can't help but wonder what Kween Kris will have to say about Pam spilling all this juicy, juicy goss?

Image: Getty/Facebook