Troye Sivan Reveals The Cheeky Meaning Behind ‘Bloom’ On The Project

The Aussie talks his new album, Taylor Swift and more.

He’s gone from YouTube personality to global megastar, joining forces with music heavyweights like of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, but Troye Sivan’s wild ride shows no sign of slowing down.

Appearing on The Project on Monday, the 23-year-old singer -- who recently dropped his latest track Bloom off his forthcoming album of the same name -- copped a cheeky grilling by the hosts about the meaning behind his lyrics.

“I've been looking at Bloom, your latest single,” guest panellist Rove McManus told the star. "'Take a trip to my garden, the fountain is in the water', it's about sex, right? It's about sex, Troye?”

“It's about sex… but it sounds super, super weird when read in your Australian manly voice,” Troye replied.

While Sivan kicked off his singing career performing at the Channel Seven Perth Telethon from 2006-2008, Troye’s route to super stardom came after he began creating personal vlogs on YouTube in 2012, after posting only singing videos since 2007.

With a solid 27,000 subscribers at the time he created his first vlog, Sivan now boasts a staggering six million subscribers on the video platform, and 8.6 million on Instagram.

Despite finding international fame, Sivan reveals he still experiences ‘pinch-me moments’, the most memorable being his appearance on stage alongside Taylor Swift -- which he reveals came to fruition about after he told he'd love to see her show.

“I asked for tickets to go see her show. She was like, ‘Yes, sure, if you come and sing for me,’” he said.

He added, “Out of everything, that was probably one of the most surreal moments in my life. I had this moment of actually full-fledged panic because I did, like I popped up like Destiny Child and I looked up and there was so many people.”

“The floor was like LED screens that were constantly moving and changing. Then I looked up at Taylor, trying to calm myself down and then I'm like, ‘Oh, my God, that's Taylor Swift!’ None of it worked. But as soon as we started strutting up and down the stage I felt right at home. It was crazy!”

Troye Sivan’s new album Bloom is out August 31.

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Feature image: Getty.