DJ Khaled Pulls Out Of Festival Just Hours After Tweeting Holiday Snaps

Congratulations, you played yourself.

DJ Khaled caused some major ~drama~ after it was announced at the 11th hour that he would pulling out as an act for London’s Wireless Festival due to ‘travel issues’.

Fans were confused, however, as the announcement came just hours after the muso uploaded a snaps to Twitter relaxing at a poolside resort and travelling on his luxury private jet alongside his family.

After eagle-eyed fans pointed out the suspicious timing of Khaled’s pics, Wireless Festival soon revealed they had known "for a few months" that he couldn’t commit to a show, prompting fans to get MAJORLY peeved over the whole sitch -- despite Drake filling in for the star's set.

“You knew for how long, sorry?” on fan asked, with another saying, “You knew for MONTHS but only took Khaled off the lineup just before the weekend?? And the ‘headline act’ you replaced him with was a 20-minute set????”

DJ Khaled has yet to comment on the situation, though he did hit up Twitter to show off his fancy new Louis Vuitton bag.

#BlessUp indeed...

Image: Instagram