These Celebrity Doppelgangers Have Us Shook To the Core

Send in the clones.

She’s amassed thousands of fans thanks to her resemblance to our queen Rihanna, but there was a time when model Renee Kujur was ridiculed for her darker skin.

Hailing from Chhattisgarh, Kujur recalls an incident when she was three years old and dressed as a fairy for a school dress up day. When she came on the stage, someone shouted: Dekho dekho kaali pari (look, a black fairy) and the audience burst out laughing.

These days, the model relishes in looking ‘different’, with fans going bonkers over the fact that she’s a deadset ringer for the "Wild Thoughts" singer -- and frankly, the resemblance is pretty spot on.

Kujuir isn’t the only celeb doppelganger that’s sent the internet into a frenzy -- these everyday peeps had us doing a double-take, too.

Angelina Jolie
Image: Getty/Instagram

Scottish student Chelsea Marr looks so much like a Lara Croft-era Ange it's actually scary -- like, she 100% could pass as her younger sister without question.

Ariana Grande
Image: Instagram

Jacky Melissa Vasquez (right) looks so much like Ariana Grande that Ari commented that her own cousin couldn't tell the pair apart.

Miley Cyrus
Image: Getty/Instagram

Mardee Raquel is totally twinning as Miley Cyrus back when she cut off her hair and went all ~Bangerz~ on us.

Katy Perry
Image: Getty/Instagram

Francesca Brown (right) is a British actress and presenter, but have you ever seen her and Katy Perry in the same room? 'Cos we're 99% sure that's that same person.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Image: Getty/Instagram

Swedish model Konrad Annerud could be the long lost twin bro of a strapping young Leo circa mid-'90s.

Kim Kardashian
Image: Instagram

She's a successful makeup artist in her own right, but we can't help but that Sonia Ali looks A LOT like fellow ~kontour kween~ Kimmy...

Selena Gomez
Image: Getty/Instagram

Sofia Solares and Selena Gomez could legit be sisters from another mister -- both have Mexican heritage, too.

Ed Sheeran
Image: Getty/Instagram

For real, Ty Jones (right) looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran looks like Ed Sheeran.

Ryan Gosling
Image: Instagram

Johannes Laschet (right) is basically just a German version of Ryan Gosling's character from The Notebook.

Zayn Malik
Image: Instagram

Hot daaaaayumm... German-based model Flamur Ukshini is a dead ringer for Zayn back in his One Direction days.

Jennifer Lopez
Image: Instagram

When know that JLo goes HARD in the gym to get that bangin' bod of hers, but her buff AF lookalike 'Jay from Houston' gives the singer a run for her money.

Feature image: Instagram/Getty