Bogan Bingo: The Project Meet Australia's 'Most Successful Bogan'

Hit up the bottle-o, grab a slab, crack a tinnie and hit up Bogan Bingo!

An unlikely idea conceived while watching a drag show has seen Darren ‘Daz’ Hilsley go from relying on the dole to running a hugely successful business that rakes in a whopping one million a year -- ‘Bogan Bingo’.

Attracting punters donning bogan attire for the themed pub nights -- including mullets, thongs, ciggies and tinnies -- Bogan Bingo is a true blue twist on a classic which sees everything from a half-game show to an air guitar competition.

“We got sick of our own Jobs, and then Bogan Bingo came up and just the material we had went like that… I reckon we’re up to about 600 [shows] a year,” Hilsley told Tommy Little on The Project.

Kicking off his dream 12 years ago with just a four-week deadline and a $600 budget, Hilsley dived headfirst into the deep end and launched the theme night at a Melbourne pub.

Fast forward to now, and Hilsley says there’s now “an army” of Bogan Bingo nights that have been created thanks to his idea, with at least two shows going on at any one time within Australia, and even one as far as London.

“I don't know if I was just smart, inherently lazy or saw a bigger picture. I just wanted to kick back and get back on the dole. I thought I would train people. Too good and I haven't stopped since,” he added.

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