Terry Crews Shuts Down #MeToo Critics In A Single Tweet

"'Why did you just let it happen?' I didn't."

Just days after rapper 50 Cent mocked actor Terry Crews' experience with sexual assault in a crude and insensitive Instagram post, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has taken to Twitter in an attempt to silence #MeToo critics.

In the June 29 tweet, Crews, who says he was sexually assaulted by a talent agent in 2016, perfectly captured the negative, critical attitude many survivors face after speaking up.

It may be just 249 characters long but it's a lump-in-your-throat read, and comes after Crews made a brave and powerful statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 26, despite fears that his career would be further hurt by his speaking out.

Crews suspects he was dropped from The Expendables 4 because of the lawsuit he brought against his alleged abuser, Adam Venit -- who he claims groped his genitals in front of his wife at an industry party -- and the large Hollywood agency Venit worked for.

In a bold move, 49-year-old -- who is just one of the few men in Hollywood to go public post-Weinstein with a personal #MeToo account -- decided to continue using his public platform to advocate for the passing of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.

In his statement, the actor called out the "cult of toxic masculinity" that acts to undermine, repress or silence both male and female sexual assault survivors and their stories by shifting the blame from the perpetrator to the victim.

Crews has experienced this treatment first-hand from the likes of 50 Cent, who suggested that the near two-metre tall ex-American football player should have simply fought off his attacker.

He drew attention to this widespread yet ill-informed and unhelpful point of view in the final lines of his most recent tweet, saying, "'Why did you just let it happen?' I didn't. 'Why didn't you beat him up?' (Sigh.)"

Supporters, fans, fellow actors and even former US vice president Joe Biden are rallying around the star, praising his #MeToo activisim and even sharing how they view their own experiences with abuse differently in light of Crews' personal story.

So thank you, Terry, for not only standing up for yourself but others like you who might not have a voice. #WeGotYouTerry

Feature image: Getty.