Justin Bieber Called 'Drake The Best Rapper Of All Time' And The Internet Is Furious

The hip-hop community take their rap SERIOUSLY.

He may be a pop sensation, but Justin Bieber hasn’t got the best track record when it comes to his music knowledge.

There was the time he featured an image of Marilyn Manson on a shirt as part of his Purpose World Tour merch, where he claimed the rocker signed off on the rights to use his face, when in fact, Manson did not.

"I ran into him in some fancy bar where a lot of celebrities—a word that I despise—go. I saw a little girl in a pink hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be Bieber," Manson told Billboard last year. "I sit down, and I say, ‘Hey, so you wore my shirt and everything onstage.' He was one of those touchy people that hit you when they talk, and he comes up to about dick height. Then he goes, ‘I made you relevant again.'"

Anyway, the latest in his string of musical faux pas comes in the form of an Instagram shout out in which the "What Do You Mean" singer posted a snap to promote Drake’s upcoming album, Scorpion.

Posting the tracklist, Biebs captioned the snap “Everyone cop the best rapper of all times new album tonight at midnight @champagnepapi.”

Look, we get that JB is mates with Drizzy and all, so we kind of get where he’s going with his comment -- but the hip-hop community is notoriously savage, and they soon ripped Biebs to shreds over such blasphemy.

Among tearing JB a new one in the comment section, fans also insisted artists like Eminem, Tupac, and Kanye West were more deserving of the title.

Todays lesson? Don't mess with rap stans, ever.

Feature image: Getty