Justin Bieber Has A ‘Joe Dirt’ Moustache And We’re Not Digging It

Oh no baby, what is you doing?

Look, we love a bit of facial hair on a man -- but when your moustache-growing efforts start to look more ‘sketchy dude hanging outside 7-Eleven at 3am’ than ‘ruggedly handsome’, we reckon it’s best to just cut your losses.

Not for Justin Bieber, however, who proudly showed off his Joe Dirt moustache on his Instagram story and it’s… It’s quite a sight.

Captioning the uncomfortable clip with "I am joe dirt" as he awkwardly twirled the ratty appendage for the ‘gram, JB is, of course, reference the 2001 comedy flick Joe Dirt which stars David Spade as the mullet-donning, hillbilly janitor.

Following the debut of his new furry friend, people had A LOT of feelings about the situation.

It even managed to reach David Space himself, who said when he heard about it he was wearing a hat... JUST LIKE BIEBER.

To be fair, Biebs’ new fuzzy face hasn’t seemed to have deterred his latest love interest, Hailey Baldwin, seeing as the pair were spotted getting super ~handsy~ and hanging among the commoners at a local spa in Ronald, Washington, on Tuesday.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess?

Feature image: Instagram/Columbia Pictures