Bella Thorne Just Found Out Her Show Was Canned Over Twitter

Well that’s awkward.

It’s gotta suck losing a job, but it must suck, like, 1000 times more finding out along with the rest of the Twitterverse that you’ve been dropped.

Let's spare a thought for Bella Thorne, who today found out that her show Famous in Love has apparently been cancelled after two seasons thanks to a news article posted on Twitter.

The apparent dumping of the show comes after the network asked streaming giant Hulu for a larger contribution for the third season, and with season two averaging just 254,000 total viewers -- down from 330,000 in season one -- Hulu declined.

While a Freeform rep told Entertainment Weekly the show is not officially dead yet, saying, "No decision has been made at this time," it comes following reports that the producers were ‘relieved’ over the cancellation due to Thorne’s alleged diva antics.

According to rumours (so take that with a big ol’ grain of salt), the 20-year-old actress clashed with showrunner I. Marlene King (of Pretty Little Liars fame), over Thorne "actively wanting off of Famous in Love," as well as her refusal to participate in network-organised live-tweets during the show.

King, however, denied this juicy lil' nugget of goss over Twitter.

With nothing officially confirmed yet, we guess all we can do is wait and see...

Feature image: Getty.