Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz Pens Emotional Essay On Bisexuality

And why marrying a man doesn't make her any less bi.

She may play badass Rosa Diaz in the cult hit Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but on the surface bubbly actress Stephanie Beatriz is wildly different from her intimidating character.

One thing they do have in common, however, is that they both identify as bisexual.

Following the actress coming out as bisexual over Twitter in 2016, her character Rosa also followed suit on the show during the series’ 99th episode, marking an important moment in LGBTQ+ representation.

Today, the 37-year-old penned a powerful essay for GQ that discussed her upcoming marriage to actor Brad Hoss, and why marrying a man doesn’t make her any less queer.

“I’m bi, and I'm getting married this fall. I’m excited, nervous, terrified, and so fucking happy. I’m choosing to get married because this particular person brings out the best in me. This person happens to be a man. I’m still bi,” Beatriz began.

“Bisexuality often needs an explanation. It isn’t something you can often 'read' on a person, and because of that bi people sometimes feel like an invisible part of the LGBTQIA community. People’s sexuality is often defined by who we’re partnered with at any given moment, which can be a frustrating limitation for me,” she added.

She went on to explain how complicated the bisexual experience can be at times, with judgment being cast upon her depending on who she chose to date.

“Here’s the thing about sexual drive that some people like to deny,” she explained. “It’s around even after you commit to one partner. You may still want to fantasize about people, want to kiss them, to fuck them… The kinds of people you were and are attracted to are still the kinds of people you were and are attracted to.”

Fans came out in droves to praise the star for her candidness, with many telling Beatriz that they felt vindicated after she opened up about her own experience.

“In October, I will marry a heterosexual man,” she concluded. “We’ll make vows that I will take very seriously -- till death do us part. But I’ll be bi till the day I die, baby, and I vow to myself to always sing that truth.”

Check out the full interview here.