Sarah Hyland Shares Shocking Hospital Bed Selfie

The Modern Family star is clearly unwell.

Sarah Hyland had everyone shocked and concerned when she posted a photo of her pale, swollen face while lying in what looked to be a hospital bed on Thursday.

The Modern Family star shared the alarming selfie in an Instagram story on June 21, however a second photo suggests that the 27-year-old's medical emergency may have occurred the previous Sunday.

Hyland made reference to National Selfie Day -- the same day that she posted the 'gram -- in the caption, saying, "I've decided to share my turth. As painful as it is."

She goes on to mention how the as-yet-undisclosed health issue tore her away from work "against my will" but reminds her fans that "health should always come first."

Hyland -- who is best known for playing teen Haley Dunphy on the ABC hit show -- has had her fair share of health issues in the past, and has been open about sharing her struggles with fans.

The brunette beauty was born with kidney dysplasia, a condition that prevents proper kidney development in the womb and causes painful cysts to develop on the kidneys in later life.

In 2012 the pint-sized actor was just 21 when she underwent a kidney transplant. Her courageous donor? Her very own dad. The surgery was one of the ten prodedures she's had to have since birth.

It hasn't been smooth sailing since Hyland's life-saving transplant. She's battled through periods of illness that have forced her to take time off work and skip events like the 2017 Screen Actors Guild awards.

The strong medications Hyland takes to manage her condition cause her face to appear more rounded and puffy, so it looks like this latest hospital stint is indeed related to her longstanding kidney issues.

Whatever Hyland is currently going through -- and it doesn't sound very fun at all -- we know she's in safe hands with her family, boyfriend Wells Adams and of course her cute pups all supporting her.

She even credits one of her four-legged pals with "literally telling me to get treatment" ahead of her recent bout of sickness.

Get better soon, Sarah.

Feature image: Getty.