Steve Price Does Not Like Woolies' Plastic Bag Ban

"I don't know any dolphins."

It was a battle of the blokes on The Project TV, when Hamish Macdonald and Steve Price locked horns over Woolworth’s move to charge 15 cents for plastic bags - and Price clearly wasn’t happy about it.

While Hamish listed off countries such as Ireland and The Netherlands who have benefited from such implementations, Pricey wasn’t having a bar of it.

“It’s just completely ridiculous,” he declared. “I want to see these Greenies from the inner suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney slothing around with their knitted bags to nick off and leave me alone so I can go shopping properly.”

Carrie Bickmore then brought up Pricey’s comments on Nights With Steve Price.

“Single-use bags, rubbish, because what people do is, speaking of rubbish, take them home and put their garbage in them and put them in their bins or use them to pick up dog droppings. I used four today,” he said.

“What are you feeding your dog? Four today?” Carrie questioned.

“No-one's been home for a week and I'm the only bugger who goes out and picks it up!” Pricey quipped back, while Peter Helliar suggested, “It might have been the poo jogger.”

“In all seriousness,” Helliar added, “why do you hate dolphins?”

“I don't know any dolphins,” Pricey replied.

Erm, fair enough...

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