Sashi Awarded Second Immunity Pin In MasterChef Australia First

He was awarded a second immunity pin after outscoring QT's Andy Harmer.

In what is a MasterChef Australia first, Sashi Cheliah has become the first ever in the Aussie series’ history to win a second coveted immunity pin.

After Sashi outscored QT Melbourne’s Andy Harmer in tonight’s immunity challenge, the South Australian prison officer gained an unprecedented advantage in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

Following a skills test and It was three sudden death rounds, Sashi was the last contestant left standing, and then had the opportunity to face off against former Vue de Monde executive chef Andy Harmer.

With a 15-minute head start, Sashi had the choice of ingredients to hero – he could select one ingredient from two different pantries, with the first including strawberries, mint, rum, cauliflower, tomatoes, pork and lamb.

The second contained cream, oranges, rosemary, lemons, eggs, cheese, apples, basil, raisins, and peas.

Selecting the lamb and peas, Sashi used his 75 mins to go with a simple dish; a spiced rubbed lamb using cumin, coriander and chilli alongside a pea puree.

In the blind tasting Andy’s lamb and minted peas were deemed modern and elegant and showed considerable technique, and the sauce was a standout, though George and Matt both agreed that the lamb was slightly undercooked.

Image: MasterChef Australia/Network Ten.

When it came to Sashi’s dish, however, with George saying he was thrilled with the complexity of the sauce and the creaminess of the yoghurt. Among all judges, it was declared an A+ dish.

When it came to the final verdict, Andy’s secured 24/30, but it was no match for Sashi, who was ecstatic to receive 27/30.

After becoming the first contestant to win a second immunity pin, an excited Sashi dedicated the pin to his two sons, Marcus and Ryan. Cute!

Congrats, Sashi!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay