Woman Gets Her Head Stuck In Exhaust Pipe At Music Festival

She brings new meaning to the term ‘rev-head’.

Look, we’re all guilty of doing dumb things when we're drunk, but it takes a special kind of stupid to get your head stuck in an exhaust pipe.

Kaitlyn Strom found just how exhausting an ordeal it was when firefighters were called to her rescue after she decided it would be a fab idea to jam her head into a truck’s over-sized tail pipe at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Minnesota, ‘cos y'now why not?

Using a power saw to free her noggin from the cylindrical hell hole, The McLeod County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the 19-year-old concertgoer was then kicked out of the festival for underage drinking and escorted from the grounds.

“We were just all having fun and I saw this big exhaust pipe and I was like, ‘Hey, my head could probably fit in that,’” she told the Hutchinson Leader. “So I tried it. It did fit, but it didn’t want to come back out.”

As for the owner of the truck?

“I did not know him, but everyone who was around me knew him,” she said. “He was wonderful. I remember getting my head unstuck, and I just looked at him and apologised, and he said, ‘No, I’m just glad you’re OK. Don’t worry about it.’ He has already fixed his exhaust and is going to be working on that. I did not have to pay for anything like that, because he was absolutely wonderful.”

Lucky for us, some legend named Billy Little managed to capture the whole shebang on film, captioning the post, "How much alcohol does it take to get your head stuck in a diesel pickups exhaust tip?"

Suffice to say, social media had an absolute field day over the clip.

The Winstock Country Music Festival is a two-day event which draws between 12,000 to 15,000 people each year, but evidently only one that’s managed to become stuck in an tailpipe.

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Feature image: Billy Little/Facebook