Cairns's Very Own Deadpool Is The Hero We Need But Don’t Deserve

"I just want to be a nice guy and bring smiles to people and help out the community."

All superheros start out with a good story, and Jake Bingham is no exception.

“At school I was probably the typical cliché loner kid basically. I was always doing my own thing. The self-conscious type thing like anxiety, doubt, thinking ‘what if I am the biggest idiot out there’ and stuff and was probably the weirdest child that has ever walked the Earth,” he told The Project.

That all changed one day for the Cairns local, however, when he donned the famous suit of Marvel anti-hero Deadpool.

“My confidence boost has been rising ever since,” he said. “The first time I put the Deadpool suit on, I had many mixed emotions about it. I was thinking not of myself, but how the world would see me.”

There are a lot of car thefts, bashings with a few stabbings. I patrol basically in the district of Cairns, like just around the CBD area. The only thing that goes through my mind is what is going to happen tonight?

While the 17-year-old is used to drawing attention in his recognisable get up -- sometimes it’s not always for the right reasons.

In fact, his first date plan with girlfriend Bethany was to see Thor while in his Deadpool costume, but it ended with Jake copping a $500 fine and a 9-month good behaviour bond for public nuisance for brandishing imitation weapons.

And while their date may not have gone to plan, it didn't deter Bethany, who calls Jake 'my hero'.

He is isn't everybody's hero, but he is definitely my hero. I'm his number one fan. He is witty, he is funny. He’s always been the nurturer. Even to people that he doesn't know.

It wasn't the only time that getting in-character went awry for the self-proclaimed superhero, who again ran into trouble when he was confronted by an angry, shirtless man at Yorkeys Knob last month.

I was waiting at the bus stop to go into town and do my usual rounds and the dud came out of his house asking about my origin. 'Are you really Australian? We don't want you here, go and f*** off to your own country.' He gave me a few Shadows and I ended up dragging him to the ground.

The second time around, however, police praised Jake's obvious restraint against the violent individual after the scene was captured on video.

"He exercised a great deal of restraint. He protected himself as he is lawfully entitled to. He was the victim of unwarranted attention from essentially a drunken fool," a police officer told The Project, adding that the ambitious teen should look into a career in policing.

"I have thought about being a police officer," Jake said.

"I could still be doing this 30 years down the track. It might be in a different location or somehow I could lose interest and give up straightaway."

The most imprortant thing for Jake, though, is simply to make people happy.

"I just want to be a nice guy and bring smiles to people and help out the community and not bring fear on to them."

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