Jared Leto's Joker Is Getting His Own Movie

If you were one of the four people who liked 'Suicide Squad' then you're in for a treat...

Jared Leto’s fabulously psychotic Joker in Suicide Squad was certainly something else, so if you were a fan then hold onto your hats ‘cos he’s about to potentially get a film of his own.

Last year, Warner Bros. and DC revealed that Todd Phillips would be directing a Joker origin-story starring Joaquin Phoenix that would be separate to Leto’s portrayal of the character and the rest of the DC universe.

However, according to Variety, Leto is now set to star and exec produce a standalone film based on the character that will “expand on the world” created by Suicide Squad and is expected to “tie into future installments of the property.”

 “I love the Joker,” the star said in an interview last year. “He’s a great character and really fun character to play. But it’s a big universe and when you play the Joker, there’s no ownership there. You have the honor of holding the baton for a little while and then passing it off. There are other films that are in development and I’m excited to see what comes from them.”

The news of a new flick for the kooky character has fans divided on social media, with some excited to see more of the character’s violent shenanigans, while others think it’s an overkill.

The film could be a while off, however, as they are currently searching for a writer and it’s not yet know when the film is set to go into production or if the film would be produced before or after the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, which will apparently be shot in 2019.

Feature Image: Warner Bros.