This Insanely Awkward Interview Will Have You Cringing Forever

Mr. Wacky indeed...

Do you ever watch something so awkward that you actually want to set fire to your laptop and throw it out the window in a fit in second-hand embarrassment?

Well this is one of those videos.

It all started when San Diego news station KUSI sent its meteorologist and feature reporter Dave Scott to the local Inflatable Run festival on May 8 in a puff piece that should have been fun for the whole family.

Except it wasn’t.

Opening the segment set-up in a manner that was probably a tad too high-brow for a story about an inflatable park, Scott asked, "Is inflation in our world a good thing or not a good thing?"

The news anchor -- clearly not a believer of the idea of running with your colleague’s joke for everyone else’s sake -- replied, “It depends upon what the topic is. What are we talking about?” before awkwardly asking him to repeat the question.

So basically, while they could have thrown him a proverbial lifeline -- something, for the love of God anything -- the in-studio anchors instead chose to let him flail in a deep ocean of humiliation to the excruciating pain of every single person watching.

Realising that his colleagues are actually jerks that gets their rocks off watching their fellow man suffer, Scott swiftly changed angles, asking festival volunteers, “What kind of fun do you think you’re going to have today?” Two volunteers halfheartedly answered “um, helping” and “bouncing,” respectively.

Dave kind of just accepts his fate at this point and begins chanting, "Abracadabra, 1-2-3!" Cue Mr. Wacky!”

Then, like a bright green angel saviour in a cylindrical suit enters Mr Wacky to talk about the event, and Scott is probably internally thanking his lucky stars that someone is injecting some sort of life into this dumpster fire of a segment.

"Now does that mean that everybody here becomes an inflatable today?" Scott then asked Mr. Wacky, and frankly what?

"Do they want to be inflatables today?" Mr Wacky then responds with scepticism, leading to another half-hearted applause from the apathetic crowd.

We honestly should have stopped watching at this point, but like a traffic accident you know you shouldn't be looking but you just can't help but stare.

The on-camera train wreck then culminates in by far its most cringey moment -- the Mr Wacky dance -- and following this whole ordeal we suddenly feel the need to curl up in the fetal position and hide from the world forever.

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