Fried Chicken Queen Adele Says Her MasterChef Dream Isn't Over

"If it was going to be my last opportunity to cook, I just wanted to give it everything."

If you heard "Nigella Lawson" and "four chocolate desserts" you'd probably think all your dreams had come true. Unfortunately for Adele Elliott the context of those words was her final pressure test in the MasterChef kitchen.

Alongside Jenny and Chloe, Adele faced the daunting challenge of cooking not one but FOUR of Nigella's chocolate recipes.  A white chocolate cookie dough pot, a milk chocolate brownie, a dark chocolate olive oil mousse and a ruby chocolate cheesecake.

"I was freaking out. 75 minutes? Four dishes? Usually in that time we have to make one dish," Adele said speaking to ten daily, "I was just trying to reset, get focused, dive-in and give it everything I had".

"If it was going to be my last opportunity to cook, I just wanted to give it everything."

Adele made a huge impact when she served the judges her southern fried chicken, mac and cheese and waffles with bourbon sauce.

"Receiving my apron with my signature dish... I just had no idea. I couldn't read the judges faces. I didn't know if it was enough to get me to the top 24, especially in the tenth series."

The judges fell in love with her take on American diner food, her chicken especially which she said comes highly requested whenever family and friends invite her over.

Being on MasterChef was a huge dream come true for the 34-year-old, and throughout her time in the competition her love of food and unabashed joy seemed to radiate from her.

"I've been watching the show ever since it started. Watching MasterChef was like my time. Don't call, don't text or talk to me, it's MasterChef time. Actually having the opportunity to be a part of this year, especially the tenth year... it's been amazing."

Adele unfortunately stumbled through the pressure test, working behind Chloe and Jenny, she had a lot of ground to make up. She was able to plate up her four desserts but unfortunately they just didn't make the cut.

But this isn't the end of her journey.

"Since the show I've done some work experience with one of my favourite restaurants in Brisbane, Rougue Bar. I also launched Diner by Adele which is my business. I'm starting to do a few pop-ups around Sydney."

"Down the track my plan is to bring my South African heritage into the American diner-style as well."

Adele Elliott Masterchef Eliminated
Even at the end of a hectic pressure test, Adele couldn't stop smiling.

Though she may be out of the competition earlier than she had hoped Adele was still extremely proud of what she did. Sitting down to face the judges she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Despite the immense pressure she still maintained a near-contagious sense of joyfulness even the judges couldn't help but compliment.

"It's been such an honour to learn from the judges and also cook and plate up food for Nigella," she said leaving the kitchen.

"Not everyone gets to experience this and I feel so blessed and so lucky to have had this opportunity."

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay.