Blink And You'll Miss It: The Cheeky Royal Wedding Moments You May Have Overlooked

If like most of the world, you were too busy soaking in Meghan's stunning gown and all the royal trimmings, here are a few cheeky moments you may have missed..

It was an event filled with far too much gorgeousness for one viewing.

Most eyes were set on the beautiful bride, soaking up her stunning gown and all the beautiful royal trimmings. The flowers, the music, the celebs -- and of course the happy couple.

But underneath all the extravagance and emotion there were some hilarious -- and gorgeous moments that you may have overlooked. And they're going wild on social media Lisa Wilkinson told The Project. Here are just a few:

This Little Cheeky Princess:

Source: AP

Princess Charlotte may have had the most fun of the day. The little girl was spotted stretching her legs on the chapel steps -- and was snapped poking her tongue out at the crowd. And as mischievous as her moves were -- they may well be in her blood -- and a light nod to the groom. Prince Harry was often seen sticking his tongue out at crowds when he was a kid.

The Royals Getting Litt Up: 

He normally plays Louis Litt on Suits, but on Saturday Rick Hoffman took some time off from mudding, to attend his former co-stars royal wedding.

And his facial reactions at times were brilliant:

Can I Get An Amen:

Preacher Michael Curry gave a sermon about the power of love, and arguably everything that's important in the world. But while doing so he nearly knocked a candle over and almost burned the chapel down in enthusiasm -- and he did go on for a little bit too long.

And that's also sparked some pretty good memes, which are now doing the rounds:

The Toothless Page Boy:

The seven-year-old son of one of Meghan's closest friends cracked this massive toothless smile as the trumpets played. And his reaction is going viral... 

Because, well, his face says it all: