The Royal Wedding's American Reverend Stole The Whole Heavenly Show

"Reverend Curry is giving you a SERMON."

Well, the royal wedding wouldn't have been a global event without a few meme-worthy moments, and it looks like we have our first.

During the ceremony, the Most Rev. Michael Curry gave the address and BOY, did he give an ADDRESS. Curry spoke with the most engaging passion about love, about fire, even Instagram got a mention at one point.

It was a serious departure from the more formal demeanour the Brits are used to, and there were some incredible shots of those in attendance cracking up.

It was amazing to see the varied reactions to Curry's sermon both inside the church and also online, with most people completely falling in love with the Reverend.

Curry's address just drove home the fact that this was not your usual royal wedding. Following his address The Kingdom Choir sang "Stand By Me". The injection of American-culture as well as the celebration of Markle's mixed-race heritage, pointing to a more modern monarchy.

Featured image: BBC via ten daily / Twitter @elamin88.