Things Didn't Go Eggs-actly To Plan For Many MasterChef Hopefuls This Week

Plus a MCG-sized challenge, pigs trotters and a whole lot of Aldo being Aldorable.

It was the start of a brand new week and the very first mystery box of the year. Would these boxes be filled with spiders? Would they be filled with Hillary Clinton's lost emails? Would they be filled with nothing?

Actually it turned out they were full of nothing.

Yep, the judges revealed this mystery box would have a twist: one of the contestants would find themselves with the power to pick the ingredients. Sashi was this week’s lucky bloke and he made a very interesting decision.

Instead of stacking the box in his favour with tons of ingredients that could have stumped the other contestants, he actually gave them a pretty fair range.

Sashi’s mystery box featured parsnip, orange, cinnamon, mixed pepper, chicken, sage, celery and onion. Our mystery box would have featured popcorn chicken, another order of popcorn chicken, a DVD copy of the 2006 film The Lake House, Burger Rings, a burger shaped into a ring and a bag of goon but to each their own.

Only five dishes would be tasted and wouldn’t you bloody know it, Sashi’s was actually tipped as the best. That sent him straight to the gantry giving him a free pass to the immunity challenge. It also meant he got to sit out the invention test.

"But I was so ready to invent something awesome!" Sashi probably thought, putting away the blueprints for a horse that is also a washer-dryer.

This week’s invention test was pretty simple -- the dish just needed to have a surprise element. Nothing too fancy it just needed something you weren’t expecting.

“This is a berry cobbler,” Samira said to the judges. “What is surprising about it?” the judges asked. “It will make you shoes,” she should have responded.

masterchef weekly wrap 2
"Here's something I just cobbled together!" Haha. Nailed it.

Instead, the real surprise was that it wasn’t cooked in the centre. Surprise!

Samira's dish was one of the three bottom alongside Metter's choice to make two kinds of meatballs and Michelle's troubled dessert.

The pressure test was set by none other than queen of Australia, her royal majesty of verjuice, Maggie Beer. Celebrating the first ever pressure test Maggie brought back her famous apple and rosemary tarte tartin.

Unfortunately, it was Metter whose time was cut short, and he was the second contestant to be eliminated.

After Metter’s departure it was time for Sashi, Chloe, Kristen and Tim to knuckle down in the first immunity challenge of the year. But who would crack under the pressure of the invention test? Haha get it? Crack?? Because the first round of the invention test was all about eggs? Thank you, we'll be here all week ...

As each contestant made complex dishes featuring eggs of some sort, Sashi’s dish didn’t go eggactly to plan when the eggs he hoped to use didn’t work out he … plated up … this:

Masterchef Weekly Wrap 2
No. We're not yolking around. That was the whole dish.

That is the most depressing egg we’ve ever seen. It looks like an egg at Mardi Gras. It looks like someone tried to paint an egg, got drunk and spilled paint on top of their painting. We absolutely would have done worse.

Poor Sashi was obviously devastated but the judges were kind enough to acknowledge how hard he worked to get SOMETHING on the plate. Even if it did look like a fancy lady’s hat that had landed in a puddle of hummus.

Chloe won the first round with her soba noodles and six-minute egg which meant she got to face off against chef Shui Ishizaka. While Chloe really smashed out a very impressive dish that the judges loved, she couldn’t get the best of Shui.

Masterchef Weekly Wrap 2
"Chloe I scored you an 8 because I can't believe I 8 the whole thing!"

Then it was time for the first team challenge of the year and it was a stadium-sized challenge that … would be full of … balls and goals. Yeah okay we don’t know anything about sports so sorry in advance.

The contestants were split into two teams, Sashi the head of the blue team and meat bae Tim the head of the red. The teams would be cooking for the players, partners and staff of the Melbourne Demons at the MCG.

The teams were given three hours to prepare a menu featuring two canapés, a main dish and a dessert. Things got off to a ridiculously rocky start for the blue team as Sashi struggled to get control of his team, and things pretty much devolved into chaos.

Despite everything looking grim for the blue team, they managed to turn it around at the last minute, just like turning the … goals around to 3-pointer a-- no sorry we … we got nothing here.

That meant the red team were forced to head into the next elimination challenge where the brief was cooking something inspired by the dish that inspired their love for food. Inspiring!

Each contestant made stunning/inspiring dishes that were close to their heart. For instance Reece made a dish inspired by his grandma’s lamingtons and Aldo made a panna cotta because he loves poking wobbly stuff.

Masterchef Weekly Wrap 2
"And next week.. I'm gonna make a poke bowl."

Ultimately it was Denise, whose pig trotter salad failed to impress the judges, who was told to trot off.

Next week: It’s happening, she’s back, Nigella week begins.

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