There's Now A Group Chat Of All The Celebs Who Saved Brooklyn 99 And We Want In

PLEASE ADD US, we won't respond we just wanna lurk.

Remember when you didn't have 800 group chats all made up of various combinations of the same people? We can't. It feels like we've been in group chats for so long we're probably in one with the doctor that delivered us.

Granted 90 percent of group chats are terrible, but there's one that we DESPERATELY want to be part of, and it's INCREDIBLY random.

All the celebs who were tweeting to save Brooklyn 99 now have a group chat.

If you'll remember in the brief moments after FOX cancelled Brooklyn 99 and right before NBC announced they had picked it up, several celebs tweeted in frustration.

Completely random, totally unrelated but passionate about their fave sitcoms, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Guillermo Del Toro, Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill and Sean Astin got together to make the "weirdest, best group chat".

The famous five even got a shout-out from Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) himself to which Hamill responded back in pure Hamill style along with the hashtag #Brooklyn99StrikesBack.

PSA: If you don't follow Mark Hamill on Twitter, you might be surprised to know Luke Skywalker has an intensely ridiculous sense of humour and is often an enormous troll to his followers. It's brilliant.

Sure, the news about Brooklyn 99 being saved is great, but this new little gang of buddies is way too pure, and completely adorable.

Fingers crossed we get a whole pile of cameos when 99 heads to NBC next year.

Featured image: Twitter @HamillHimself / FOX.