Ryan Reynolds' Phone Is Full Of Terrible, Terrible Thoughts Only Deadpool Can Say

Plus he revealed what it would take to make Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds blew the doors off the superhero genre and gave it a lap dance when Deadpool came out in 2016. The film was a huge risk for 20th Century Fox with Reynolds replaying a character that first made his film debut in the terrible Wolverine: Origins.

But the risk paid off. Quite literally.

Deadpool turned out to be the highest grossing R-rated film worldwide.

Now Reynolds is back in the super suit for Deadpool 2 and the hope is to recapture the magic … and by the looks of things they’re going to nail it.

Speaking to The Project Reynolds dished the dirt on what really separates the merc with the mouth and himself.

"We’re exactly identical with the exception I have a tiny little person inside my brain that says, 'Don’t say that,' whereas Deadpool ... doesn't have that person."

Apparently the 41 year old uses his innermost terrible thoughts and jots them down in his phone as Deadpool inspiration.

"You know the notes section on the phone? That's just full of stuff that is horrible. Horrifying."

The sequel picks up where the first film left off with Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, using and misusing his mutant abilities of regeneration and causing chaos.

In Deadpool 2 he’s joined by a time-traveller named Cable, played by Josh Brolin, who’s hunting a young mutant by the name of Firefist (lol) played by Kiwi actor Julian Dennison.

Getting involved as only Deadpool can, the race is on to stop Cable from extinguishing Firefist’s flame for good, assemble a kickass team and make as many disgusting jokes as one 119 minute film can fit in.

The humour and action sequences of the film are only heightened by the R-rating they famously chased. It's a film where you can sense how much fun the cast and crew had, and feel just how much fun the audience is having.

The film has had a ridiculous publicity campaign, too -- releasing a theme song by Céline Dion, apologising to David Beckham and having Reynolds appear on a South Korean singing competition wearing a glittery, rainbow unicorn mask.

But they aren't all the surprises. Without spoiling anything the film features some INCREDIBLE cameos and surprises, and if you've been a fan of the X-Men movies for a while be sure to stick around for both post-credit scenes.

When it comes to a third film Reynolds has been tight-lipped with plans, saying he'd rather do a film around X-Force (kind of like the misfit version of the X-Men) rather than a third solo-Deadpool film.

"If we can do something that's SO different I would say yes, but I would want to do something like the Sundance Film Festival-version of Deadpool. Something that's just totally weird."

Deadpool 2 is out in cinemas now.

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Featured image: 20th Century Fox.