The Project Had A Royally Hair-larious Moment

A loving tribute to Meghan and Prince Hairy.

On Wednesday's The Project Lisa Wilkinson gave the panel all the updates from the U.K. in the lead-up to the royal wedding.

It's been a big week for poor Meghan and Harry, what with Megs' father being outed as having staged a bunch of paparazzi pictures, then suffering serious health issues which may impair him from even attending his daughter's wedding.

That means Meghan Markle's mother will likely be her only family member officially attending the wedding (despite relatives reportedly floating around and making TV appearances).

Lisa Wilkinson: 72 Hours Until The Royal Wedding

"It's actually incredibly sad," Wilkinson said to The Project panel, "this is meant to be a bride's happiest moment of her life. Walking down the aisle to the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with".

"She's going to look around that church and outside -- that's 2,600 people who are amassed for their big day --  she's going to have one member of her family amongst that crowd."

After discussing all the details on the family fallout and the Palace's inability to control the Markles, Lisa also asked the team what royal merchandise they were after. That's when things got a little... hairy.

The Hair-larious Harry swimsuit caused a stir on The Project. Image: Bags Of Love.

"I'm getting you that fabulous one-piece swimsuit with Harry and his beard," Lisa told Carrie.

"Yeah, that'd be the first time I've had hair down there in a while," Carrie fired back.

If that wasn't enough, after Waleed suggested Pete would want a swimsuit as well the funnyman followed up with, "I do have hair down there".

Congratulations to the happy couple Meghan and Prince Hairy.

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Featured image: Network Ten / Bags of Love