You Can Actually Watch Tom Cruise Break His Ankle In The New Mission Impossible Trailer

When people told him to "break a leg," this ISN'T what they meant.

Tom Cruise is back again in the latest trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout and once again he's running off things, jumping off things and driving things into other things.

Yep, the stunts-mad actor is back in the role of Ethan Hunt, in the sixth Mission: Impossible film in the series, again joined by Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin and Rebeccca Ferguson as well as some new additions in the forms of Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby and Angela Bassett.

The film follows Hunt after an Impossible Missions Force mission proves too impossible and goes awry. Hunt takes it upon himself to get the brief done and in doing so creates suspicion within the CIA on where his true allegiances lie.

Like the previous films, Mission Impossible: Fallout features Cruise doing a bulk of his own stunts, including one that ended quite badly for the actor.

In a scene where he had to leap out of a window from one building to another, the actor was supposed to just miss the edge of the building, pulling himself up.

Unfortunately due to a miscalculation, Cruise hit his foot on the side of the building at a reallllly wrong angle.

Speaking to Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg for The Project, Maude Garrett got the lowdown on all the stunts and the epic malfunction that resulted in a Mission Imposs-ankle (nailed it).

Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg

The Mission Impossible franchise continues to up the ante in the stunts department, already having Cruise dangling off the Burj Khalifa (only the tallest building in the world), and clinging to the side of a jet as it took off. In Fallout Cruise and Cavill apparently have a helicopter fight -- because that's a thing spies do.

"That's what has come to light since we did the Burj Khalifa sequence," Pegg said, "when we realised that the audience really respond if they know that it's actually Tom that's doing that stuff".

"When he's hanging off a plane it feels different, and the audience gets a sense of genuine stakes. He's risking his life!"

"If it's going to end, it's going to end," Cavill added, "but you're going to get a great shot in the process".

Thankfully, aside from the broken ankle, there weren't any major injuries but according to Cavill there were SIX pregnancies on the film. More like Missionary Impossible, if you know what we mean.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is scheduled to open in cinemas August 2.

Featured image: Paramount Pictures.