Neighbours Eyes Its First Gay Wedding With Upcoming Proposal

Aaron and David are popping the question to each other this week, marking the show's first same-sex engagement.

This is truly a moment when good Neighbours become REALLY good friends.

The long-running soap is set to make history, with their first same-sex engagement taking place in an episode airing on Friday.

Aaron Brennan (played by Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) have had their on-screen ups and downs but the pair's relationship is set to take the next step with a double proposal.

When the actors spoke to ten daily Wilson joked, "Everyone keeps saying 'I hear congratulations are in order'!"

Neighbours Aaron and David same-sex engagement

Tanaka and Wilson's characters were almost engaged last year but due to some very typical Neighbours shenanigans it all fell apart (nothing like one of your brothers confessing to murder while the other brother's baby has been kidnapped at the same time your ex shows up to really put a dampener on your boyfriend proposing in a cupid outfit, right?).

This time things don't necessarily run any smoother, but the outcome is a lot more positive --  with both men being swept up in the moment and getting down on one knee to propose to each other.

"Both Matty and I have said pretty much from the start of David and Aaron that this is what we wanted in the future," Honda said. The pair's quest helped along when the government legalised same-sex marriage last December. "We wanted to work on making the relationship truthful and as real as possible so people would be barracking for us."

"With any couple on a soap," Wilson added, "they're drawn out. There are speed bumps, affairs, so many things." While Aaron and David even spent time apart, love between the couple won out in the end. "The fan reaction to them getting back together was huge," Wilson said.

Neighbours Aaron and David same-sex engagement

Both actors said they've been inundated with overwhelmingly positive reactions and messages from fans regarding the upcoming engagement.

Healthy representations of LGBTQ+ characters and relationships on Aussie TV are few and far between, especially in prime-time.

"When David came out on the show it was a rare narrative because usually it's a teen storyline -- to have a character in his mid-thirties coming out, it hadn't been seen a lot," Honda said.

"I got quite a big response from people saying they themselves, their siblings or friends had been inspired by David's story. Those kinds of responses and that impact is what actors live for."

Both Honda and Wilson discussed how important it was to lead into the engagement respectfully, and "to do it right".

"Being of Asian descent I know what it feels like, to not be represented or not even realise you're not represented. Feeling like an outsider because you don't see yourself."

"To be part of the community and to feel represented, it's awesome. I hope it continues. I hope the storylines continue and give people hope and inspire them and make them feel a part of a larger whole ... no longer the outsider."

While the wedding itself is a while off and will probably feature a few Neighbours-style bumps along the way, the double proposal will air this Friday.

Neighbours airs 6.30 Weeknights on ELEVEN And WIN Network.